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It used to be the local supermarket before the city gained the modern amenities of a supe Vieques and Culebra are far nicer and safer areas to explore by bike, with plenty of places willing to rent.

Most of the courses are concentrated in Dorado or along the east coast, usually as part of luxury resorts such as Palmas del Mar, which offers one of the toughest courses in the world. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings come in chunky and elegant va Games can be an entertaining and cheap way to see some explosive talent close up.

In the middle of the river, early in the 20th century, formed the island you see today. Situated just 15 minutes from Old San Juan, you can spend the day at the beach then enjoy all that Isla Verde has to offer in the way of restaurants and nightlife.

Beach, Walking Area Address: Your biggest problems are likely to be rain and cloud cover, and the lack of signs: Water Activities Given that Puerto Rico is an island, it teems with water activities.

As one might expect, elderly people are book readers while young males are bar hoppers and dancers, and so on. Fishing Puerto Rico has been a light tackle and deep-sea fishing destination for years, especially known for its tarpon and blue marlin: Paseo de la Marina y Ancla St.

Fajardo is also the location of several islets and coral islands, making it the ideal place to snorkel, sail and enjoy the riches that the warm tropical Atlantic waters offer. Surfing Puerto Rico is the Caribbean version of Hawaii, and surfers have been coming here since the s to enjoy some of the hardest and most consistent waves in the Americas.

In the league resumed and currently features five teams: Ballparks are generally modern, with covered seating and parking small fee charged. In addition to ancient Taino petroglyphs, the El Yunque National Forest is also home to an extensive network of trails, rivers, crags and waterfalls.

They also sponsor many cultural festivals and awards e. Gambling on all races is legal and big business on the island.

Leisure Activities in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bars line this seaside boardwalk and make it an interesting place to mingle with the locals. Check out w www.Indulge into these leasure activities on your trip to San Juan and you’ll be more than happy.

Leisure Activities in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Travel to San Juan and know more! Check and browse the leisure things to do with your friends in a San Juan or enjoy these leisure activities with. Leisure Activities in Puerto Rico On the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico (photo credit: Pablo Verdin) During the beginning of the Industrial Era, work was a long daily ordeal that often lasts over 14 hours a day year round.

Watersports rule supreme in Puerto Rico, with swimming and surfing the most popular activities. The coral-smothered coastline is home to some of the Caribbean’s best diving and snorkelling, while the trade winds that pummel the north and east coast make for some magnificent windsurfing.

You’ll never be stuck for something to do in Puerto de la Cruz! With a full programme of optional or extra activities our leisure team will ensure that you will be able to keep on learning after classes finish. Top 5 Leisure Activities in Puerto Rico On an island as expansive and diverse as Puerto Rico, there are many ways to spend your leisure time.

Living in — or near — a region that offers you plenty of activities that pique your interest ensures that you are able to take advantage of its offerings frequently without spending a great deal of time traveling.

Looking for the things to do in Puerto Rico? View a carefully curated list of activities and attractions brought to you by Travel + Leisure.

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Writing about leisure activities in puerto
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