Understanding the whys of obedience and disobedience

I command and men obey not; I revoke and they receive not the blessing. God made us in His image and after His likeness.

Is it because we fear punishment? Additional Scriptures Abraham 3: His whole life was devoted to obeying His Father; yet it was not always easy for him. Abraham had Understanding the whys of obedience and disobedience many years for the birth of Isaac, the son God had promised him.

How have you seen teaching obedience to be helpful in your family? Inspired to make things looks better. Yes by grace we are saved but we have to follow the instructions of the God of our salvation for us to experience and manifest all the glory that our salvation has to offer.


It gives us the opportunity to decide how close we want to be to God. As a result I have an uninterrupted fellowship with God and walk in His blessings. The Holy Ghost fell upon Adam, and Adam prophesied concerning the inhabitants of the earth down to the last generation.

Friend, our love for God should be our motivation to obedience and not our love for what He can do for us. Sometimes we may think a commandment is too difficult for us to obey. Once they learn that, true cooperation can take place. When Jesus was on the earth, a lawyer asked Him a question: Therefore obedience is the tool that proves our choice to follow God or the devil in our daily lives.

Questions for you to reflect on Can you remember any act of disobedience that caused you a set back What steps have you taken to avoid such occurrence again Do you see obedience as a barrier to happiness or gateway to divine intervention Name two times you have enjoyed the reward of obedience.

Parents sometimes think that obedience is the same as compliance. Joseph Smith [], The Lord has described other blessings that will come to those who obey Him in righteousness and truth until the end: This knowledge and great blessings came to Adam because he was obedient.

What can we do to stay true to gospel principles even when it is unpopular to do so?

They learn to listen to an instruction and follow through with it. One day an angel appeared to Adam and asked why he offered sacrifices. Sometimes we do not know the reason for a particular commandment. Hidden within this quality are the principles that will make children successful as they get older.

Obedience is defined as doing what one is told to do. Yet he chose to obey God. Please note that it is your choices that tell God your true intention and the attitude of your heart.

But we will be much happier if we obey God because we love Him and want to obey Him. After they have had enough time, ask for their responses. Obedience also helps us progress and become more like our Heavenly Father.

Friend, please be aware that there is no small or big obedience, obedience is obedience and disobedience is disobedience. He did it because the Lord commanded him.

You can help class members or family members think more deeply about a question by giving them time to ponder. Is it because we love God and Jesus Christ and want to serve Them?

The angel then taught Adam the gospel and told him of the Savior who was to come. In order to get to that stage, children must first learn how to sacrifice or follow. Types of Obedience There are two types of obedience, one which is done willingly and the other done out of obligation and pressure to get result.

To carry out orders in accordance with a law. Adam and Eve were commanded to offer sacrifices to God.There are so many forces; but these two are terrible. The force of disobedience is the cause of curses; curses come from disobedience while blessings come from obedience.

There is proof that there is God, even the heathens believe that there is a super natural force. Prayer: May the Lord bless you with a power of obedience. We Can Obey without Understanding Why. Why do we not always need to understand the Lord’s purposes in order to be obedient?

By keeping God’s commandments, we prepare for eternal life and exaltation. Results of Obedience and Disobedience. What are the consequences of obeying or disobeying the Lord’s commandments? This is the reason why the devil will do everything possible to stop you from obeying God because your disobedience gives him the right to hinder you from experiencing God’s fullness for your life.

Friend, please be aware that there is no small or big obedience, obedience is obedience and disobedience is disobedience. We say that obedience is "doing what someone says, right away, without being reminded." Children as young as three years old can memorize this simple definition and understand what it means.

Parents sometimes think that obedience is the same as compliance.

Understanding And Practising Obedience from God’s Perspective

Disobedience is sin. It disregards the standards set by God. Not even the best example of “serving God” can take the place of simple surrender to God in full obedience to His commands.

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Understanding the whys of obedience and disobedience
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