The pros of continuing animal testing

Animals are the closest thing to humans on our planet. Some of the animals that are used for testing are bought at auction or taken from the wild, which brings additional costs into the process. Sincethe federal Animal Welfare Act have been regulating animal experimentation.

The hearts of animal lovers go out for these suffering animals. But, if animals could talk, they would probably demand the same ethical considerations. For example, insulin was discovered through a test where dogs had their pancreases removed.

14 Pros and Cons of Animal Research

Laboratory mice, on the other hand, only live for 2 to 3 years, giving researchers an opportunity to study effects of genetic manipulation or treatments over an entire lifetime. And with the pros and cons listed above, we can surely come up with a considerable opinion about this subject matter.

When every member in our family is hale and hearty, it is very difficult to comprehend why innocent animals are used for testing purposes. This includes new drugs as well as possible cures for many different medical problems. Provides adequate living, whole body system test subject No other living thing in this planet has the closest anatomical structure as humans than animals.

Pros and Cons of Animal Testing

Thus, animal testing is not something to be blacklisted completely. Now multiple those costs over an entire laboratory and the cost of animal research becomes very high, very quickly.

Human trials must be preceded by animal testing, as stated by the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki. It is a dangerous product for animals to have, but think of the millions of lives that have been improved or saved because of the drug.

However, when it was used by pregnant women, it resulted in severe deformities affecting 10, babies. Is Animal Testing Necessary? With similar organs, circulatory systems, and reactions to an illness, researchers can look at how animals react and be able to make comfortable prediction about how humans might react.

Some experimentation also involves using lethal doses of certain chemicals to determine how much can kill animals. The British Royal Society has released a statement regarding animal research, noting that almost every 20th century medical achievement relied on the use of animals in some way during the development process.

Animal research is needed in order to further our knowledge on things such as diseases. Veterinarians must regularly inspect the animals and their living conditions Each research facility must set up an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee IACUC that will approve all proposals to use animals for experimentation.Over 25 million animals are used for experimentation in the U.S.

every year. Monkeys, rabbits, cats, ferrets, pigs, sheep and chimpanzees are just some of the animals used for biomedical experiments, science education, and product and cosmetics testing.

Some animals, however, are more preferred by laboratories. Animal testing pros include the fact that many animal studies are conducted for the benefit of animals.

For example, medications purchased for pets have already undergone extensive testing on animals. That testing ensure that pets are less likely to experience a negative reaction to those medications.

For this animal testing is very crucial, because it helps in understanding this virus. The crux is that in order to make advances in the field of medicine, animal testing is inevitable.

Restraining or putting a ban on animal testing, will prevent us from finding essential cures for deadly diseases. Animal research is the process of using non-human animals to control variables that may affect biological systems or behaviors in experiments.

It is the process of animal testing that is done under the guise of research to benefit humanity, but the applied research may have little or no concern to the animals involved. Pros of Animal Testing.

To decide whether animal testing is beneficial or not, it is best that you start learning its positive sides first like the following: Treatments Developed Have Saved Lives Animals are the most common subject of medical testing.

The Surprising Pros of Animal Testing You Never Thought About

This includes new drugs as well as possible cures for many different medical problems. Other people, however, believe animal research is not ethical because the treatment of the animal is inhumane, unnecessary, and non consensual. I personally feel that animal testing is very important in the world of medical research and should continue.

The Pros of Continuing Animal Testing

Many scientists and researchers are for animal testing.

The pros of continuing animal testing
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