The history of tuskegee national forest

Wildlife enthusiasts, meanwhile, should certainly check out the Tsinia Wildlife Viewing Area, an interpretive trail that is off-limits to hunters and fishermen. This forest could be a centerpiece for high-value, nonpolluting eco-tourism for the area.

The Bartram Trail passes through various types of forest wildlife habitat.

History of the Tuskegee National Forest

With all its unique habitats and room for wildlife, the forest is a natural teaching laboratory for local schools and universities, but the forest has seen very little use for that purpose. But what Tuskegee lacks in acreage, it makes up for in history, recreational opportunities, and off-the-beaten path solitude.

Located in the northeastern corner of the forest, the Uchee Shooting Range offers firearm enthusiasts and hunters the opportunity to target practice at 20, 50, and yard increments. Hunter camps are located at 10 sites in the Tuskegee National Forest, the hunter camps are open year round and offer primitive camping.

Why You Should Visit Tuskegee National Forest, the Country's Smallest

Forest Service, it was some of the most abused, eroded wastelands in the state, at one time 80 percent clear-cut as a result of heavy logging practices. We have not just stopped bad things for the sake of stopping them; our work has produced a totally new management style in the forest.

Encroaching development and modification of private lands around the forest adversely impact its beauty and environmental values. Friends of Tuskegee National Forest are teaming with local community leaders to showcase the Tuskegee Forest to bring eco-tourism and new dollars to the local economy.

Trail hikers can see a wide variety of wild flowers and flowering trees, including dogwood and magnolias. Pleasant Hill is roughly four miles of purpose-built mountain biking trail in the heart of Tuskegee. The trail winds through the rolling upland sand hills and traverses managed forest land where riders and hikers see planted pines ranging from 1 to 50 years old.

In addition, 14 primitive campsites offer a chance to make it an overnight adventure. As of Decemberthe trail was closed due to storm damage and flooding. Learning about their experience is as important now as ever, and planning a trip to see both the national forest and the historical site is as good for the mind as it is for the soul.

Illegal dumps along little-used dirt roads occur near and in the forest and pollute the public streams that flow through the forest. The facility is modern and offers visitors a safe and responsible location for shooting.

These restoration programs involve determining scientifically what is needed to be done to reverse past mismanagement and restore natural forest ecosystems.

WildLaw has worked for more than seven years on this revision of the management plan, and your being a part of a community group working to help the Tuskegee will make the plan better.Located in east-central Alabama, Tuskegee National Forest spans just over 11, acres, making it is the smallest U.S.

national forest. But what Tuskegee lacks in acreage, it makes up for in history, recreational opportunities, and off-the-beaten path solitude.

Summertime highs at Tuskegee National Forest ordinarily tend to be in the 90's.

Tuskegee National Forest

For the period of the moonlight hours it's commonly in the 60's. The cold days of the wintertime come with highs in the 50's, and overnight lows during the wintertime for Tuskegee National Forest tend to be in the 20's. There is great outdoors recreation at Tuskegee National Forest, so you can have loads of fun.

The trek through Tuskegee National Forest can be a challenge, but once complete you'll enjoy the experience. Labelled as an "old school" trail, Tuskegee offers a back country experience just a /5(4). Robert Pasquill, Heritage Program Manager for National Forests in Alabama, will present on the History of the Tuskegee National Forest as part of an event series titled Our Common History: Reflecting on Macon County's Unique and Important History.

The Tuskegee National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in Macon County, Alabama, just north of Tuskegee and west of Auburn. The topography is level to moderately sloping, with broad ridges with stream terraces and broad killarney10mile.comon: Macon County, Alabama, USA.

Despite being the smallest national forest in the country, Tuskegee National Forest still offers visitors plenty of recreational activities. Hikers and bikers should be sure to explore the Bartram Trail, an route that was the first trail in Alabama designated as a National Recreation Trail.

The history of tuskegee national forest
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