Sierra leone freedoms essay

In FebruaryHuman Rights Watch released a report documenting the forcible relocation of hundreds of families by government officials and the London-based mining company African Minerals; the report detailed police abuses, including assault and the use of live ammunition, against individuals who resisted.

Although these measures were intended to control the epidemic, many watchdogs denounced some as excessive, noting that lockdowns and curfews could undermine the wellbeing of many Sierra Leoneans, including by restricting their access to food and other necessities. In April, Sam-Sumana challenged the constitutionality of his dismissal, which many critics viewed as a move by Koroma to consolidate power.

In August of that year, police arrested a journalist working for the biweekly Politico on contempt charges. The government does not restrict access to the internet, though penetration remains low. The journalist was released the next day. In Decemberofficers arrested Alie Kabba, an outspoken opposition politician expected to run for the presidency inand charged him with bigamy following allegations from his former wife, a government minister.

The Koroma administration continued to suppress media freedoms through onerous libel and sedition laws during the year. Interreligious marriage is common, and many Sierra Leoneans practice Christianity and Islam simultaneously.

In Novembera high court in the UK began hearing a claim against the company filed by more than individuals affected by the evictions. Academic freedom is generally upheld, and private discussion is largely open. Similar abuses had also occurred in The government continued to employ aggressive tactics to control the spread of the disease, including lockdowns, curfews, and collective quarantines.

Despite these laws and constitutionally guaranteed equality, gender discrimination remains widespread, and female genital mutilation and child marriage are common.

Essay Competition for Secondary School Pupils on Press Freedom

Since its electoral victory inthe ruling APC has steadily centralized power within its ranks. This problem has been especially severe in the lucrative natural resource sector, where reports of economic exploitation are common.

Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights: Reports of sexual and gender-based violence rarely result in conviction, and the police unit responsible for investigating and prosecuting these crimes remains underfunded and understaffed. Freedom of Expression and Belief: Laws passed in prohibit domestic violence, grant women the right to inherit property, and outlaw forced marriage.

Numerous independent newspapers circulate freely, and there are dozens of public and private radio and television outlets.

Corruption remained a prevalent problem despite some efforts to combat abuses by public officials.- There was a war in Sierra Leone, Africa, from to where a rebel army stormed through African villages amputating and raping citizens left and right (“Sierra Leone Profile”). Adebunmi Savage, a former citizen of Sierra Leone, describes the reality of this civil war: In the war in Sierra Leone was becoming a horrific catastrophe.

Sierra Leone introduced the international community firmly into the world of the ‘privatised peacekeeper’ where mercenaries step in to keep or, as Sierra Leone demonstrated, to enforce the peace. The involvement of mercenaries, or private military companies, as they prefer to be called, is not a new phenomenon in Africa.

The status of Sierra Leone is Free with a freedom rating of with1 being the best and 7 being the worst. The civil liberties score for Sierra Leone is 3 with 1 being the best 7 being the worst and a score of 2 for political rights based on the same scale. Sierra Leone: From Colonialism to Neocolonialism Essay Words 11 Pages Colonialism is a feature of European expansion that took control of territory and people across the world starting in the 16th century.

D. Freedom of Expression and Belief: 12 / Freedoms of speech and the press are constitutionally guaranteed but sometimes violated in practice.

The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) was officially launched as the independent national broadcaster in Kristen Finkbiner TA: Nell Streitz Sierra Leone Case Study Between the years andtens of thousands died and more than two million people were displaced in the Republic of Sierra Leone (BBC News).

This paper will be evaluating the conflict of Sierra Leone in the context of general theories of civil conflict.

Sierra leone freedoms essay
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