Samsung market entry in india

Samsung, on the other hand, focused on creating a premium brand image by emphasizing the design and technology aspects of its higher-priced products and building a more affluent customer base.

That keeps Korean companies on their toes when designing new products and upgrading existing ones. In an appeal to millennials, the phones have a new "chat over video" feature which allows users to view videos without interruption even as they chat by text due to a transparent keyboard.

Over the past decade, both have consistently seen double-digit growth rates and are convinced they will maintain, if not surpass, those levels in coming years as well — an optimism that is shared by industry watchers.

5 tips for a better Indian market entry strategy

Moreover, you can personalize the background with your own photos or from a selection of stunning artworks. Getting Satisfaction Having gained a foothold in the Indian electronics market, LG and Samsung are now working on firmly securing their positions through customer retention.

Because India is such a huge and attractive opportunity, there is no dearth of competition. Vivo shipments increased sequentially driven by new launches, celebrity endorsement and aggressive campaign around IPL Now, Samsung is aiming to similarly broaden its presence across non-metro and semi-urban towns.

Additionally, the strong offline distribution and aggressive marketing campaign around its J-series helped Samsung to gain not only market share but also mind share, during the quarter. Moreover, its Dynamic Crystal Color technology is optimized for high resolution viewing to deliver crystal clear tones across an expanded colour spectrum.

Samsung's Marketing Strategy in India

Of course, much will depend on how these companies respond to new technology. The smallest villages have remote area offices RAOs with individual budgets and separate servicing and marketing teams. Apart from this, its domestic assembling is yet to pick-up pace, which means the Cupertino giant is still relying on imports for its sales in India.

Korean Conquest: How LG and Samsung Won Over the Indian Market

It is important to avoid making generalizations or assumptions, as local practices and consumer behavior may vary substantially from region to region. Unlike regular TVs, the Concert series will come not with 2 but 4 speakers — two at the top and two at the bottom.

Like Samsung, LG has a call center, 8, engineers and 1, service centers across India. The offer will run across India till July Since the government cannot afford to provide for education and healthcare coverage, the majority of the population has to pay for these necessities from their own income.

Smartphone segment contributed to half of the total handset market during Q2 Its V9 became its most popular V series smartphone ever.

Samsung Topples Xiaomi to Regain Number One Position in India in Q2 2018

The emphasis is on quality and speed of service, so turnaround time is under 24 hours in most cases. What is not so easily dismissed, however, is the level of success LG and Samsung have achieved in India.


Reaching Out Customization is just half the battle, according to electronics industry watchers. Court judgements are often delayed because of the huge backlog of cases, so any agreement should provide the scope for alternate dispute resolution mechanisms.

Of course, technology has also improved, so breakdowns are fewer. The sources also said Samsung was developing financing products independently of current tie-ups with financial firms - a move which could help it offer customers a smoother sales process and even lift profit margins.

Apart from this, she also has key client handling experience with leading MNCs. That requires a two-pronged approach — promoting replacements for electronics and appliances and focusing on customer satisfaction and after-sales service.

Accordingly, Samsung has developed customer insight-based features such as channel grouping and lowering volume with a single touch. Vikram has gained extensive private sector experience in the field of International Marketing, having worked with auto component manufacturer handling South Asia region and in the field of Consulting as Director of an Independent company.

It developed Ballad, a flat-screen television with 2,watt speakers sold only in the subcontinent, following research that said Indians in the southwestern part of the country preferred loud, bass sounds. Samsung started selling three new phones in the quarter while Xiaomi had one product release.

Some of the important points for market entry in India are: Fusing a slim, sleek and premium metal body with a nearly bezel-less display, QLED TVs set the tone for exceptional sophistication. The TV can mimic the pattern on the wall behind the TV to create an astonishing visual effect in which the TV blends seamlessly into the wall.The feature phone market continues to outpace the smartphone market with a YoY growth of 21%.

Commenting on the findings, Anshika Jain, Research Analyst stated, “India’s smartphone market returned to double digit growth during the quarter and is likely to grow in double digits for the entire year. Consumer spending in India grew from US$ billion to US$ 1, billion between andputting India on the path to becoming one of the world’s largest consumer markets by India’s consumption is expected to rise.

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Entry level UHD will start from series followed byand finally The Frame. The UHD TV range will start from INR 64, Concert Series. As a part of ‘Make for India’ Innovations, Samsung unveiled the Concert Series, in two distinct variations, Smart Concert and Joy Concert.

After its market entry, the "Mi" brand steadily gained share to knock Samsung from the top spot last December. Although Samsung regained the title last quarter, it was only by a hair's breadth - 29 percent market share to Xiaomi's 28 percent, according to research firm Counterpoint.

SUMMARY. India is a huge market for mobile phones that is transitioning to smartphones. Success in this country for a new vendor is not easy. Smart vendors can make successful entry if they focus.

Samsung market entry in india
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