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A power surge is a fast yet short duration of electrical transients in current, voltage or transferred energy that happens in an electrical circuit. The person receiving the power of attorney which means agent is "attorney in fact" for the person giving the power, and usually signs documents as "Melinda Hubbard, attorney in fact for Guilda Giver.

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Powers of attorney can be written to be either general full or limited to special circumstances. A special type of power of attorney that is used frequently is the "durable" power of attorney. Durable powers of attorney have become popular because they enable the principal to have her or his affairs handled easily and inexpensively after she or he has become incapacitated.

A small company with only a few products has grown to become a power Power extended definition the industry.

The conceptual content of this historic and politically-charged discursive field is sustained by racial agents who in many ways articulate and justify the suppression of "ideological blackness" and every form of non-whiteness this may entail which may be accomplished by many formal and informal means of institutional domination, routinized interpersonal interactions, cultural imperialism, or by any other racialized means of information control.

The most well-known cause of power surges is electrical storms. With a durable power of attorney, on the other hand, a principal can appoint someone to handle her or his affairs after she or he becomes incompetent, and the document can be crafted to confer either general power or power in certain limited circumstances.

Before the durable power of attorney was created, the only way to handle the affairs of an incapacitated person was to appoint a guardian, a process that frequently involves complex and costly court proceedings, as well as the often humiliating determination that the principal is wholly incapable and in need of protection.

Bush and Barack Obama. Verb Some have speculated that the early commitment to skimo built the machine that powered his mountain-running dominance. Further readings Insel, Michael S. Certain powers cannot be delegated, including the powers to make, amend, or revoke a will, change insurance beneficiaries, contract a marriage, and vote.

A power of attorney generally is terminated when the principal dies or becomes incompetent, but the principal can revoke the power of attorney at any time. This event increases the electrical potential energy in the lines and causes more power to be discharged from the wall socket and into appliances or a load.

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The two types of durable power of attorney are immediate and "springing. She powered her way to the finish line. The essential feature of racism is not hostility or misperception, but rather the defense of a system from which advantage is derived on the basis of race.

Versions of the durable power of attorney vary from state to state. After the emperor died, power passed to his eldest son. Choose the Right Synonym for power Noun powerauthorityjurisdictioncontrolcommandswaydominion mean the right to govern Power extended definition rule or determine.

All fifty states recognize some version of the durable power of attorney, having adopted either the UDPA or the Uniform Probate Code, or some variation of them. The manner in which the defense is articulated - either with hostility or subtlety - is not nearly as important as the fact that it insures the continuation of a privileged relationship.

He powered the ball Power extended definition the goalie. The inductive or capacitive loads found in appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators draw in lots of power, causing the overall voltage going to other appliances to drop.

Techopedia explains Power Surge A power surge is a phenomenon that results when something causes a boost in the overall electrical charge at some point in power lines.

A power surge can also be caused by rapidly changing load within a circuit, that of a home or an office building, such as in appliances and machinery, which have large motors that turn inductive and capacitive loads on and off.

Most often, durable powers of attorney are created to deal with decisions involving either property management or health care.

This can happen in a widespread manner when the whole portion of an electric grid goes down, causing power surges in other portions of the grid since the overall load has just come down, but the generated power remains the same until the generated or supplied power is lowered automatically or manually by the power company.

When lightning strikes near power lines, even if there is no direct contact, the rapid ionization of the air and the sheer amount of energy in the lightning are enough to induce additional potential energy in the lines, causing a power surge.

The best way to prevent appliances from being damaged by power surges caused by lightning is to unplug them during lightning storms. Related to power of attorney: Best things to do when the power goes out," 10 July Recent Examples on the Web: The company was almost destroyed in a power struggle between its two founders.to stretch out in various or all directions; expand; spread out in area: A huge tent was extended over the field.

to enlarge the scope of, or make more comprehensive, as operations, influence, or meaning: The European powers extended their authority in Asia. Racism - Racial prejudice and discrimination that are supported by institutional power and authority. The critical element that differentiates racism from prejudice and discrimination is the use of institutional power and authority to support prejudices and enforce discriminatory behaviors in systematic ways with far-reaching outcomes and effects.

Also: extended (of printer's type) wider than usual for a particular height Compare condensed (of a plastic) having been foamed during manufacture by the introduction of a gas in order to make a light packaging material or heat insulator expanded polystyrene See also expanded metal.

Power: Definition, Typology, Description, Examples, and Implications Dr. Ken Petress I. Power is the ability to influence others to believe, behave, or to value as those in power desire them to or to strengthen, validate, or confirm present beliefs, behaviors, or values.

An extended scene on a bus in Tanzania in which Gabriel and Christina argue about the role of state investment in economic development (and also about the future of their relationship) is a tour de force.

In calculus, the power rule is used to differentiate functions of the form () =, whenever is a real number. Since differentiation is a linear operation on the space of differentiable functions, polynomials can also be differentiated using this rule.

Power extended definition
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