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If you are studying the full-course you will study both He believed that all children pass through a number of psycho-sexual stages as they develop. Nov 17,AQA Gcse PsychologyMemory 0 Comments The interference explanation for forgetting has two models which are proactive interference and retroactive interference.

The three types of retrieval systems used Nov 18,AQA Gcse PsychologyMemory 0 Comments Context-dependent explanations for forgetting are based on the idea that we are trying to recall memories outside the context in which the information was initially learned.

Unit 1 focuses on perception and dreaming while unit 2 focuses on social and biological psychological Theories of Child Development. Whereas Piaget was mainly interested in cognitive development and Bandura behavioural development, Freud was interested in emotional development.

Below you will find each of the units broken down and their respective topics. And that children have to go through a process of cognitive development in order to achieve the abilities of an older child or adult.

OCR GCSE Psychology Revision

Freud Developmental psychology is interested in discovering the psychological processes of development.

Other psychodynamic psychologists such as Bowlby have popularised the ideas that a baby must have an emotional bond with its mother during the first two years of its life. Piaget is therefore arguing that these stages are innate. These consequences would be a lack of social, emotional and intellectual development.

Bandura takes a very different approach to developmental psychology. It is worth noting that developmental psychologists also study adulthood too. This model suggests that the deeper you think about something, the more likely you are to remember it.

Three forms of encoding are used which are acoustic, visual and semantic. Piaget argued that younger children do not have the capabilities to think in the same way as older children. The person may then not be able to recall the events that up to the blow or events after it and two forms of They show that early experiences are important but that some of the negative consequences of maternal deprivation can be overcome with good relationships later in life.

Piaget believed that there are a number of stages that all children go through in the same order. Nov 20,AQA Gcse PsychologyMemory 0 Comments Brain damage may occur through a concussion and a blow to the head with the result being a form of memory loss known as amnesia.

Bowlby argued that if this bond was not developed during this time there would be negative consequences for the child. Proactive interference Proactive interference is when an old memory interferes with something a person is trying to Bandura was particularly interested in the way children learn new behaviours through observing and imitating role models.

Edexcel GCSE psychology is split into two units. For example if students learn information in a classroom, the In his study of aggression, Bandura demonstrated that children learn development from role models.

The four core studies in this section all focus on how children develop. The gcse course for this exam board is outlined as follows:A Level Psychology. H/03 Applied psychology. Sample Question Paper. Date – Morning/Afternoon. Time allowed: 2 hours. You must have: • OCR page Answer Booklet (OCR12 sent with general stationery) * 0 0 0 0 0 0 * First name.

Last name. Centre number. Candidate number. INSTRUCTIONS. This is a handy end of module revision booklet for the memory module for year 10 psychology students. it includes multi-store memory model, levels of processing theory of memory, Terry's serial position effect study, keywords and tips on critiquing studies.

required, use the lined page(s) at the end of this booklet. The question number(s) must be clearly shown. • Do. not.

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write in the barcodes. INFORMATION • The total mark for this paper is.

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H/02 A Level Psychology June Author: OCR. Booklet. Part 1: Social Psychology - Zimbardo - Responses to People in Authority + Real life applications – This research changed the way US prisons are run e.g. young prisoners are no longer kept with adult prisoners to prevent the bad behaviour perpetuating.

Beehive-style OCR Evaluation of Core Studies 1. I know a bit late for students taking exams for this year but have created a revision booklet for Psychological Themes Through Core Studies.


It has a checklist at the beginning You need to place the OCR summaries for each case study before the evaluation grid for that study.

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OCR AS - Level Psychology Core Studies Booklet

There are stacks of useful tools and resources on The Student Room that .

Ocr psychology booklet
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