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As soon as I started speaking in the microphone, shivers and colds weats were going through my whole body.

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Darvin, the JS prom was truly a night of endless tales because that night was when the seniors and the juniors created their memories that will last in their hearts for a life time. Whenever you would come to ask me whether the promenade does makes some sense or is a event that I am looking forward to, you may be able to at least get a boring smile back at your question or a certain no as the answer.

Because most of the time, the students consumed their long hours on taking their pictures either with the photo booth or the portrait pictures rather than spending their time dancing and enjoying the music on the dance floor.

I could never replace these moments for anything because the people around me that night won a very special place in my heart. The debonair of the night that was Dandred Servania along with the face of the night named Princess Roldan.

At first, it indeed looked like to be the most boring Promenade ever that I have experienced these past couple of years, but since the Prophecy of the Juniors for the Seniors onward, emotions suddenly changed. I actually had plans on telling my prom partner and buddy, Kirk Sing about it so that we will have matching colours, but it was too late by then cause he had his planned out as well already.

Other than that, the presentation of the candidates for the awards was mind-wrecking because of their beautiful gowns and faces, the judges really thought hard about that one because before they picked the winners, they first let them show themselves in a catwalk.

Tribute 4 Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They were able to do that despite the fact that it was ALSO their first time.

We then watched our Batch Retrospection and I was actually expecting tears, but none came out because to be honest, the background music was too loud and just killed the feeling and moment.

There were people that also loved the dishes that were created by the supportive chef that went and observed around the event with his own gratitude and grace.

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But apparently, everyone was pretty busy looking for a partner to dance with for the last time[ They both deserved it because they both did not only look stunning that night but they also had comprehensive answers, and I admire both of them for that. At prom, a Prom Queen and Prom King may be revealed.

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Indeed, we have the Retreat for the Senior High School Students which aids us to go deeper in relation with our classmates in friends in keen spiritual, social and personal aspect, but nothing beats the JS Promenade, especially this last promenade of mine as a fourth year high school student at my academe.

One reason is that, in our junior year and senior year we celebrated the so-called "Junior,seniors promenade" or also known as the "JS PROM". A prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance, or gathering of high school students.

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cultural nationalism essay. The junior and senior promenade was truly magical and memorable. As said by Ms. Dorcas A. Darvin, the JS prom was truly a night of endless tales because that night was when the seniors and the juniors created their memories that will last in their hearts for a life time.

Junior senior promenade essay writer
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