Is steve jobs health a private matter

Most reputable news organizations refrain from publishing paparazzi photos of private citizens for ethical reasons yeah, we have some and also to avoid civil lawsuits. Still, he spoke with zeal and energy. And without him at the helm, its future is very much in doubt.

Could he be sicker this time -- something that could be insinuated by the seemingly sudden and open-ended medical Is steve jobs health a private matter Paparazzi photos make matters worse. Now may be the time to make that plan known, Lorsch said.

He has no plans to leave Apple. Every single Apple product is the result of countless hours of Apple designers and engineers bringing their leader products and acquiescing to each demand he makes. But I am an editor and long-time journalist.

I think the board really should come forward and let--give--investors know more of what they know. And, they add, the company will need to be very careful, as it was on Monday, about how it words those statements.

On Friday, TMZ published a photo of a gaunt Jobs in a parking lot, presumably outside some medical treatment facility. At first, the reason offered by a spokesman was that the firm would not take part in the event after I wholly stand by it.

Follow him on Twitter and FriendFeed. Or does he or she have an obligation to disclose them to investors and other stakeholders? Materiality can be difficult to establish, and if litigation ensues, lawyers will argue at length over exactly what Apple should have revealed and when. Steve Jobs is the face of Apple, the leader of the juggernaut, and the visionary behind every single product it offers.

And if investors respect or care about Jobs, they should want to know. What more do you need to know, stockholders?

Right to Know or Right to Privacy? Still, if anything happens to Jobs and Apple seems seems ill-prepared, questions will be raised regarding whether the board is doing its job.

Enough is enough, Apple. California Civil Code Section Jobs and his family would like some degree of privacy in the midst of health issues.

Discussion Case: Is Steve Jobs Health a Private Matter?

The intense interest in anything related to Apple in the tech industry makes it ripe for disinformationwhich seems to have cropped up time and time again with the rumors that Jobs was dying. The recent financial reform law does put a CEO to a shareholder vote, and state of health is information that should be available to them.

CEOs work for shareholders, not boards of directors. But he is no longer directly responsible for Apple operations. So, last week, Jobs responded by issuing a statement.

And with billions of dollars entrusted in him, he better make the right move and disclose everything he knows. Jobs is no longer chief executive. Assuming that Jobs is fighting off cancer again, or the effects from it, he has enough emotional stress -- and that includes resigning as CEO last week.

During this entire time, he kept control of his company, whether it was away from the offices or physically at work.

All the while, he pleaded for privacy. To Repeat, and Again The president of the United States gets a yearly checkup and discloses the state of his health maybe someday "her", depending who wins some future election. I say no, particularly how private he keeps his personal life and how is public appearances typically, but not exclusively, have been Apple related.

One way Apple could avoid having to go down that road is by making its succession plan clearer, Lorsch said. These are questions Apple and its iconic co-founder and chief executive Steve Jobs have had to face ever since he was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer in But, from an ethical point of view, the answer seems less arguable.From that perspective, as long as Steve Jobs is chief executive of a public company his health situation is not a private matter.

Steve Jobs' health is not a private matter

If he wants privacy, then he should return to private life and take the time necessary to recover his health or to spend with his family whatever time is left to him. I also believe that Steve Jobs health is a private matter.

If it was a life threatening illness, it might be material, but since it's not life threatening, it is therefore a private matter.

Even as an investor in Apple, which I am not, they have no right to know the details of Steve Jobs personal health under the circumstances described. After insisting for months that Jobs' health was a private matter, Apple changed its tack in the face of widespread speculation regarding its CEO's weight loss.

On Monday, the company issued a. Jul 22,  · A month ago, Apple claimed Jobs was suffering from "a common bug." Now it has morphed from "common bug" to "private matter." I don't like the trajectory of this.

In JuneSteve looked the picture of health when he delivered his famous and inspiring “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” Stanford commencement speech. Apple insists that Steve Jobs’ health is a “private matter.” But it’s also a matter of public record. But it’s also a matter of public record.

Jobs has publicly discussed his bout with cancer, both in a memo to his staff and — quite movingly — in a commencement speech to. Is Steve Jobs Health A Private Matter. ASSESSMENT I – EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs ( – ) • American entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor, who was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.

• Recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution and for his influential career in the computer and consumer electronics fields.

Is steve jobs health a private matter
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