Guidance notes for completion of aston

Further information on responsible authorities is available from the Home Office website or from your local authority licensing officer or website. Your starting point should be compliance with these requirements. Designated premises supervisor If you intend to sell alcohol, you should give details of the person who you wish to be the designated premises supervisor DPS under the new licence.

It depends whether you are licensing the whole premises. It is not necessary to complete this box if you think that less than 5, people will attend the premises at any one time. If the premises has no postal address, for example, if the application relates to an event on open land, you should describe the location of the premises or give the Ordnance Survey map reference.

Except in box C indoor sport you are asked to indicate whether the activity is taking place indoors, outdoors or both. The section also asks for the non-domestic rateable value NDRV of the premises. The form is prescribed, and is available on request from your licensing authority or you can print or download it from the Business Link or Home Office websites.

As the licence cannot come into operation until the second appointed day, that is the earliest date you can request. You should then give further details in either section A individual applicants or section B other applicants, but not both.

That is for you to decide. If you do exceed it, you could be engaging in an unlicensed activity, which is a criminal offence.

This includes displaying a sign at or outside the premises and an advertisement in a locally circulating newspaper. A premises licence will last indefinitely, unless otherwise stated in the box provided.

Failure to meet those conditions would constitute an offence under the act. It might be worth talking to your licensing authority and the relevant responsible authorities first to see what conditions, if any, you might offer to reassure any concerns.

Hot drinks consisting of, or containing alcohol, should be authorised under the supply of alcohol, rather than late night refreshment. Do I have to put the total number of people at the show in this section? In considering what to put in this section, you should think about all the activities you may want to conduct at the premises in the future and consider whether any are licensable activities under the act.

The NDRVrather than your business rates bill, will determine the fee level to be paid with the licence application and the annual fee thereafter.

Details on fees can be found in the relevant guidance note. For example, it might be necessary and proportionate to ensure that licensable activities finish in good time before the premises closes to the public to allow orderly departure.

To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Indoors may include a tent. In many cases, this will be the premises licence holder, but you can choose to name someone else.

If you have a jukebox or a disc jockey at your premises you need to consider whether, in your particular case, this is incidental music or whether it is a licensable activity. The figure relates to the maximum number of people on the licensed premises, including employees, at any one time — not the total number over a period of time.

A similar form is available for clubs applying for a club premises certificate. But note that other activities at such venues such as the sale of alcohol or live music are licensable.

Premises licence guidance

For more advice, speak to your licensing officer at your local licensing authority. You should therefore think carefully about adding conditions to ensure that they are achievable, realistic, appropriate, proportionate and within your control.

Any representations must be about the likely effect of granting the application on the promotion of the licensing objectives. Further information about the Licensing Act and other sources of help can be found on the Home Office website. Premises that do not have a non domestic rateable value are treated as falling into band A for licensing fee purposes.

In doing so, you will want to consider whether you might want to use the garden at some point in the future to sell alcohol — perhaps an outdoor bar at a barbecue or possibly through waited drinks service. There is only one DPS for each premises but any number of personal licence holders and it is usually, but not necessarily, the person who has day to day responsibility for the premises.

As most of the events at such a show are not licensable activities, it should be possible to simply license the beer tent. Base your response on a proper, common sense consideration of the risks and what you can realistically do to mitigate them.

If you have concerns, you may find it useful to talk to the relevant responsible authority before completing the form.Guidance Information for Self Assessment and Physical Audits Self assessments Completion of the online self assessment demonstrates your commitment to excellent standards and compliance to our CTSI-approved Codes of Practice, thereby providing added reassurance to your customers.

Physical Audit Guidance notes (PDF).

Notes for claimant on completing a claim form Before you begin completing the claim form • You must think about whether alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a better way to reach an agreement before • Copy the completed claim form and the defendant’s notes for guidance so that you have one copy for yourself, one.

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Premises licence guidance Updated 31 January Contents. 1. This guidance relates to application forms for premises licences under the Licensing Act (‘the act’). A similar form is.


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The following guidance notes will aid you in completing the online application form. We advise keeping this page open while you apply as a useful point of reference.

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Guidance notes for completion of aston
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