Girls under pressure

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He is an artist and tutor at the local college. It turns out to be a modelling competition for Spicy magazine, which Ellie discovers after seeing a lot of pretty teenage girls getting their photos taken.

She learns that Zoe has been taken to an eating disorders ward at the local hospital and visits her there. Kevin - An older student whom Ellie develops a crush on in the first book. Nadine wonders if it is for television. It is innocently written yet is unusually entertaining in how the story is illustrated.

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Ellie notices that Zoe used to have a "biggish bum" and now she has "amazing cheekbones", due to her lack of food and lots of exercise.

Girls Series

She has curly hair, a passion for art and is self-conscious about her weight and appearance. Meanwhile, Magda has been on a date with an older boy called Mick who assumed she was "easy" because of her bleached blonde hair and put her under pressure to have sex outside after their date.

She is usually strict and often unfair with the girls, but she becomes very concerned with Ellie in the book Girls Under Pressure when she notices how much weight Ellie loses.

Ellie is still in the throws of disordered eating and has started to worry her parents due to her weight loss and their discovery of her eating behaviours.

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The two quarrel, but make it up on the way home. It was published inthe sequel to Girls in Love and followed by Girls out Late. Ellie stares in horror as she realises what she has been in the queue for.

Girls Under Pressure

She is friends with Benedict "Eggs". Sep 12, Niamh Delahunty rated it really liked it I have chosen this book to review as it is one that particularly stands out in my mind going back to my earlier years of finishing primary school and entering second level.

Like Ellie, he is interested in art. He gives Magda one of his pet hamsters in the book Girls In Tears. The girls[ edit ] Ellie - Witty, artistic and vivacious, the book starts by meeting a thirteen-year-old Ellie in Year 9. Dan now has another girlfriend, Gail.

Ellie arrives back at school after the summer holidays to find her best friend, Nadine, has a new boyfriend named Liam, her other friend, Magda, soon asks a boy named Greg out as well.of girls say they are under pressure to please everyone (Girls Inc, The Supergirl Dilemma) 98% of girls feel there is an immense pressure from external sources to look a certain way (National Report on Self Esteem).

The musings of a public relations major and an English major chronicling their journey from Wayne State University students to PR girls. Magda is tall and glamorous, Nadine is willowy and 'gothic'. And Ellie well, Ellie is just plain normal.

The three girls have been best friends forever, but now Ellie is convinced she's fat, Nadine wants to be a model, and Magda worries that.

Girls under Pressure is the second book in the Girls series, written by Dame Jacqueline Wilson, DBE, a noted English author who writes fiction for children. It was published inthe sequel to Girls in Love and followed by Girls out Late. It is aimed at pre-teen and teenage Jacqueline Wilson.

Girls under Pressure is the sequel to ‘Girls in Love’ in the ‘Girls’ series by Jacqueline Wilson. Three main characters are explored throughout the book, three best friends, the beautiful Magda, the alternative Nadine and Ellie, Ellie is just normal/5. Jun 24,  · Unit 31 Social Action.


I felt as though this needed to be brought up due todays society misleading girls into thinking they need to be 'perfect' Like to than.

Girls under pressure
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