Fair and lovely market positioning

Limitation It is quite impossible for us to prepare a report without limitations. In this new positioning technique they showed women who are hard worker and chasing after their dreams, Fair and Lovely will help them to stand out and give their self confidence a boost.

At last we select some people and made this report. In Bangladesh, like many other developing countries, women facing the same poverty issues as men are subject to additional social and policy biases. Our course instructor Md. The cream not only gives you noticeably fairer and more radiant skin, its new 4 step holistic fairness process also helps to keep your skin free of blemishes and oiliness whilst protecting it from harmful UV sunrays.

We may also collect data by reading journals and magazine. We make a questioner for the general people to know their perception, belief, attitudes and lifestyles. Sample Characteristics We collected information for this report mainly from primary survey.

But this product lags behind because this brand has positioned itself strongly as feminine beauty facilitator.

Assignment Acknowledgement After studying the theoretical concepts of a topic, understanding its practical implications and applications is the next step in the learning process. For Best results, apply cream twice daily.

Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

On this occasion Mr. Fair and Lovely is such a magical cream that promises fairness naturally. Launched init holds a commanding per cent share of the skin whitening market in India, a market that is valued at over Rs 1, core Rs 12 billion and growing at per cent per annum.

The term paper was assigned on 10th July and was on due on 30th July And most of all we are working with sample. Massage the cream gently onto your face and neck. This re positioning tremendously increased their sales. But in India, every girl is not born with fair skin. It was marketed nationally in and this beauty cream got attention of a huge level of customer in the Indian market.

Sampling Plan For getting our respondents we visited two corporate houses and an apartment building. So they said using this cream will help them to get man of their dreams. Because almost all of them are students and they represent almost similar background that makes a pretty tiny chance of variation.

Members of the two organizations hope that that this program would have significant impact to the participants. First of all we reviled the historical background of the brand in question.

After the analysis we suggest the strategies. The new strategy they used was achieving ones ambition and aspiration. Achieve beautiful skin in only 6 weeks, the safe and natural way. Future Plan Unilever stands at an important threshold in our corporate history.

We have conducted a research on various people sample of 60 people, randomly chosen based on a questionnaire. It is a patented and proprietary formulation, which has been in the market for 25 years.

In the end there are the discussions regarding fair and lovely in the contexts of Bangladesh. In the very beginning this brand claimed that regular usage of it will give permanent fairness whereas bleach and other harmful chemical will only damage the skin with temporary result.

This brand contains no harmful elements like bleach, steroids, mercury; hydroquinone etc which can make someone fair overnight but as a result it can lead to permanent damage of skin or even skin cancer.

Study approach In order to make this report we visit couple of Unilever websites and the fair and lovely websites also. For this, they remain backward in terms of education and economic independence.

Their aim is to fully leverage this uniqueness in aggressively carrying out their convergence strategy so that they can continue to emotionally touch and excite the customers.Fair & Lovely is a Unilever Brand having several Global brands.

Since Fair & Lovely is launched has been a synonym for skin lightening and became one of the largest consumer product companies in Pakistan, Comprising of a.

Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Fairness cream Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Fairness cream brings in the fairness secrets of ancient ayurveda that provides nourishment, protection and purification.

Brand Positioning: Fair and Lovely

It is enriched with the magical ayurvedic blend of kumkumadi oil which enhances complexion and cures discolouration of skin.5/5(5). Introduction Fair & Lovely is the largest-selling skin whitening cream in the world. It holds a commanding percent share of the skin whitening market in India.

The market value of Fair &. Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream: MBA Marketing Report. Thus setting a bit higher prices than the market Fair & lovely ensures a target return on around ; Quality/ Price Positioning: Fair and Lovely is positioned as offering the best value for the money. It is positioned to be a product for daily use and that it becomes a part of.

Fair & Lovely SWOT Analysis, USP & Competitors Posted in FMCG, Total Reads: Advertisements. Positioning. Beauty cream capable of providing fairness within 8 weeks killarney10mile.comely tough competition in skincare market.

Fair & Lovely SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Opportunities. 1. Fair & Lovely Foundation which aims at empowerment of women 2. Fair & Lovely. Segmenting, Targeting And Positioning. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: In other words relating a product to the market is termed as ‘product positioning’ For example surf detergent washes the whightest,”fair and lovely is fairness soap, and so on.

Fair and lovely market positioning
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