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When this eternal divine Consciousness always present in every human being, this God in man, takes possession partly6 or wholly of the human consciousness and becomes in visible human Essays on the gita aurobindo ebook the guide, teacher, leader of the world, not as those who living in their humanity yet feel something of the power or light or love of the divine Gnosis informing and conducting them, but out of that divine Gnosis itself, direct from its central force and plenitude, then we have the manifest Avatar.

This is what the Indian religious consciousness seeks to make near to itself in whatever form, whether in the symbolic human image it enshrines in its temples or in the worship of its Avatars or in the devotion to the human Guru through whom the voice of the one world-Teacher makes itself heard. The Yoga of the Dejection of Arjuna 1.

There are indeed three things in the Gita which are spiritually significant, almost symbolic, typical of the profoundest relations and problems of the spiritual life and of human existence at its roots; they are the divine personality of the Teacher, his characteristic relations with his disciple and the occasion of his teaching.

Such controversies as the one that has raged in Europe over the historicity of Christ, would seem to a spiritually-minded Indian largely a waste of time; he would concede to it a considerable historical, but hardly any religious importance; for what does it matter in the end whether a Jesus son of the carpenter Joseph was actually born in Nazareth or Bethlehem, lived and taught and was done to death on a real or trumped-up charge of sedition, so long as we can know by spiritual experience the inner Christ, live uplifted in the light of his teaching and escape from the yoke of the natural Law by that atonement of man with God of which the crucifixion is the symbol?

We must accept the insistence of the author and give its full importance to this recurrent preoccupation of the Teacher and the disciple.

In the same Upanishad we find mention of King Dhritarashtra son of Vichitravirya, and since tradition associated the two together so closely that they are both of them leading personages in the action of the Mahabharata, we may fairly conclude that they were actually contemporaries and that the epic is to a great extent dealing with historical characters and in the war of Kurukshetra with a historical occurrence imprinted firmly on the memory of the race.

What is kingdom to us, O Govinda, what enjoyment, what even life? But all this, though of considerable historical importance, has none whatever for our present purpose.

Essays on the Gita – Sri Aurobindo

And men whose family morals are corrupted, O Janardana, live for ever in hell. This confusion leads to hell the ruiners of the family, and the family; for their ancestors fall, deprived of pinda rice offering and libations.

But it is a veiled manifestation and there is a gradation between the supreme being3 of the Divine and the consciousness shrouded partly or wholly by ignorance of self in the finite.

Then, beholding the sons of Dhritarashtra standing in battle order, — and the flight of missiles having begun, the son of Pandu Arjunawhose emblem is an ape, took up his bow and spoke this word to Hrishikesha, O Lord of earth: Through these it strives to awaken to that inner voice, unveil that form of the Formless and stand face to face with that manifest divine Power, Love and Knowledge.

It matters little whether or no, as modern criticism supposes, the Gita is a later composition inserted into the mass of the Mahabharata by its author in order to invest its teaching with the authority and popularity of the great national epic.

Then, seated in their great chariot, yoked to white horses. Thus have we heard. The Theory of the Vibhuti Chapter X. The Divine also, pouring itself into the forms of the cosmic existence, is revealed ordinarily in an efflorescence of its powers, in energies and magnitudes of its knowledge, love, joy, developed force of being,5 in degrees and faces of its divinity.

The aim of this yoga is a spiritual realization which will not only liberate mans consciousness but transform his nature and divinize life. There seem to me to be strong grounds against this supposition for which, besides, the evidence, extrinsic or internal, is in the last degree scanty and insufficient.

During this period, he mastered Sanskrit, Bengali and several other Indian languages and produced a prolific output of poetry and literary criticism. Sankhya and Yoga Chapter IX.

InSri Aurobindo withdrew to the seclusion of his room, but continued to maintain contact with disciples through a large correspondence and by giving darshan four times a year.

Madhava Sri Krishna and the son of Pandu Arjuna blew their divine conchs. Here in this mighty army are heroes and great bowmen who are equal in battle to Bhima and Arjuna: Sri Aurobindo left his body on 5th December, And Kashya of the great bow, and Shikhandi of the great chariot, Dhrishtadyumna and Virata and Satyaki, the unconquered, Drupada, and the sons of Draupadi, O Lord of earth, and Saubhadra, the mighty-armed, on all sides their several conchs blew.

We approach it for help and light and our aim must be to distinguish its essential and living message, that in it on which humanity has to seize for its perfection and its highest spiritual welfare.

Cheering the heart of Duryodhana.Essays on the Gita Paperback – 27 Apr by Sri Aurobindo (Author) out of 5 stars 8 customer reviewsReviews: 8.

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Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Essays on the Gita/5(3). An exposition of the spiritual philosophy and method of self-discipline of the Bhagavad Gita. Almost all spiritual problems have been briefly but deeply dealt with in the Gita, Sri Aurobindo remarked to a disciple, and I have tried to bring all that out fully in the Essays.

In his estimation the Gita is a great work of spiritual synthesis, for it built a harmony 3/5(2). Sri Aurobindo has been considered one of the foremost philosophers of the 20th Century, but he was far more than just a philosopher.

He was a political activist, a mystic, a spiritual leader and a poet, a yogi and a killarney10mile.coms: 8. Download the Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo at This is the Sri Aurobindo VOL 19 Essays On The Gita as a free PDF ebook. Essays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo. The philosophy and self-discipline in Bhagavad Gita.

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Essays on the gita aurobindo ebook
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