El bola movie analysis

No clear answers are offered or explored. The viewer is really an equal participant in this film: In fact, one of the most chilling insights of the film is never explicitly stated; instead, a few clues scattered throughout the film allow the viewer to put the pieces together independently.

Pablo has other self-destructive tendencies. El Bola challenges us to look beyond the surface, offering us a portrait of two young boys who live quite different lives Elder The old often believe that the young have no problems of substance.

But the themes of the film are broad and reach beyond cultural boundaries to touch on issues that might be faced by any child growing up in an imperfect world. Without offering any direct evidence, the movie throws out the possibility that Alfredo is being brought up collectively by two couples, one gay, the other lesbian.

The conclusion of the film is as honest as the rest of it: This blunt, menacing block of a man wears two expressions: The volatile chemistry between father and son makes El bola movie analysis wince. Despite an abrupt ending, Mana gives us compelling, damaged characters who we want to help - or hurt.

At their age, both Pablo and Alfredo are torn between the need for a family to depend on and the desire to strike out on their own; both must also deal with frightening events in their lives.

Alfredo and Pablo are drawn to one another and the train-dodging games of their classmates - but Mana leaves it to his audience to figure out exactly why.

He hangs out with a group of boys whose favorite pastime is playing a variation of chicken in which they dare one another to dash across the railroad tracks in the face of an oncoming train. Even while Mariano is attacking him, Pablo screams his hatred and spits in his face. Alfredo becomes a role model of independence and fearlessness for Pablo.

Perhaps most important, "El Bola" forces us examine our personal motivations for each impulse and their consequences. When new classmate Alfredo Pablo Galan befriends Pablo, he finds out differently. Why should she even look? Satisfying and unsettling at the same time, in the end, El Bola offers an unexpected development of a story and characters who have come to seem very real.

As their friendship deepens, Alfredo leads Pablo into the bosom of his extended family, where Pablo discovers an easygoing camaraderie and nurturing warmth that are the exact opposite of the prisonlike atmosphere of his home.

He brands his son with ink, marking him forever. The central thread of El Bola, as we come to see as the film develops, is child abuse; the film gives this disturbing topic an honest and compellingly realistic treatment, forcing viewers to confront the fact that yes, family relationships can go horribly wrong.

The boy deliberately incites his father through small acts of rebellion and displays of sullenness. Pablo Juan Jose Ballestanicknamed "El Bola" Spanish for "pellet" for the ball bearing he keeps in his pocket as a good-luck charm, looks like any other child - a bit solitary, but otherwise seemingly well adjusted.

El Bola (2000)

In seeing the typical activities of the boys, from family dinner to how they spend their free time, we get a glimpse of a different culture than in the United States, which gives El Bola an additional depth and interest. In general, the transfer is ve --Holly E.

Or is his iron-handed discipline a reflection of his guilt in losing his first child?El Bola is a year-old boy who lives in violent and difficult environment. His family situation, which he, ashamed, hide, prevent him to connect and befriend with other boys.

1 El Bola El Bola is a movie from that circles around child abuse.

Pablo is an adolescent boy who lives in a poor area with his father who abuses him and his mother who does not do anything to help.

Oct 20,  · El Bola, a 12 year old boy a.k.a. "Pellet" is a 12 year old boy raised in a violent and sordid environment. Embarrassed by his family life, he /10(K). Dec 13,  · ''El Bola'' was shown as part of this year's New Directors/New Films series. Following are excerpts from Stephen Holden's review, which appeared in The New York Times on April 5; the full text is.

You are watching now the El Bola movie has Drama Genres and produced in Spain with 88 min runtime. Brought to you by killarney10mile.com and directed by Achero Mañas, El Bola, a 12 year old boy a.k.a. “Pellet” is a 12 year old boy raised in. Discussion Guide for El Bola At first glance the film appears to be about the issue of child abuse.

Do you agree or is child abuse a vehicle for another theme? If so, what is that theme? The film focuses on the complex relationship between fathers and sons. What is the film saying about those relationships?

About masculinity? Are we expected to.

El bola movie analysis
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