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If wages are posted in both markets, a search market equilibrium does not exist. By the impulse responses derived from the model, variables react to the anticipated structural shocks, which are identified by exploiting future dependence of investment with respect to productivity.

By implication, the paper offers a novel theory of deterrence and defence policy. In all cases, access to cyber technology makes wars with conventional weapons more likely. Fourth, while the future unpredictability of technologies or the future risks of deteriorating national security might support longer-term joint procurements, short-term opportunism tends to prevent long-term commitments.

Overcoming the issue of insufficient information, the government spending shock is extracted from an anticipated error term by using institutional Economic research center discussion paper about the conduct of fiscal policy. This column uses novel US data to explore how immigrant entrepreneurs affect local labour markets and compare with native entrepreneurs.

Immigrant entrepreneurship in America Sari Pekkala Kerr, William Kerr, 21 September There is a contentious global debate surrounding the impact of immigrants on local labour markets. The shock increases consumption, employment and output one and a half years prior to its materialisation in government spending.

The cost of war relative to the payoff from victory turns out to be crucial for the results on armament decisions. That is, multi-product firms tend to switch exports to other unaffected products in alternative markets.

This paper introduces such technology into the theory of conflicts. News shocks are characterised by gradual diffusion to productivity and generate smooth reactions of forward-looking variables.

Decreasing profit taxation and increasing consumption taxation would also have positive effects, but only for the entrepreneurs.

One less contentious aspect has been the notion that immigrant entrepreneurs can have major positive effects for the host economy.

They determine the relative numbers of informed and uninformed consumers, which equal in equilibrium. I also provide some evidence that the US import restrictions lead to a reduction in Chinese exports to alternative markets. We attribute this to the low effective number of programs applied to, and suggest that details in the design of the application process affect the trade-off in match quality.

Nyman, John Center for Economic Research, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota, This paper presents theory that an important source of value is missing from conventional theory of the demand for health insurance, namely, the effect of the transfer of income from those who purchase insurance and According to simulation results, the finite-sample performance of our estimation method is comparable, or even superior to that of the recently proposed pseudo maximum likelihood estimators.

A central result is that models including macroeconomic data are useful for forecasting in low volatility periods.

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After the shock arrives, real wages respond positively while investment turns negative. Bajona, Claustre; Chu, Tianshu Center for Economic Research, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota, Many developing economies have joined or applied to join the WTO as part of their process of transformation to market-oriented economies.

I consider how bargaining and wage posting in the two types of market affect the equilibrium outcome. The case of separating equilibrium helps to explain why wars exist in equilibrium.

An empirical application to a small macroeconomic model estimated on postwar U. There is, however, a puzzle: In the model, the fast increase in life expectancy coupled with the relatively low pension expenditures can help to explain its high savings, the persistent trade surplus and the accumulation of a sizeable net foreign asset position.

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In a symmetric war game with equal cyber capabilities and a low cost of war, hostile countries choose to invest an equal amount of resources in their militaries. For example, if there is bargaining in the centralized market and wage posting in the search market, there exists a centralized market equilibrium, a decentralized market equilibrium, and a mixed market equilibrium where there are agents in both submarkets.

Our formulation implies that the conditional mean of each component model is a linear function of past observations and the conditional variance is also time varying. This paper examines news shocks by means of a noncausal VAR model that recovers economic shocks from both past and future variation.

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Using Swedish data from tothis column shows that towns with both powerful unions and strong Social Democratic presence experienced labour market peace. Also the employment rate would improve. Sweden was among the countries with the highest incidents of industrial disputes in the s, but experienced declining levels from the s onward.

These include increased aggregate utility as well as increased consumption of the workers combined with increased profits of the entrepreneurs. The results suggest that central banks could be in a position to use macroprudential instruments to manage financial booms without interfering with the core objectives of monetary policy in a major way.

This paper proposes a simple model of the demand for gambling that is The first set of results is related to the need of people to belong to groups with a social mission.

The tests are analogous to the portmanteau tests developed by Box and PierceLjung and Box and McLeod and Li in the conventional invertible case. Nieva, Ricardo Center for Economic Research, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota, I add endogenous bargaining possibilities do develop criteria to determine which statements are credible in a three-player model with complete information where pairs, in a sequential order, can formulate simultaneous We derive the asymptotic null distribution of the likelihood ratio test statistic in a general mixture autoregressive setting using high-level conditions that allow for various forms of dependence of the regime switching probabilities on past observations, and we illustrate the theory using two particular mixture autoregressive models.

It is shown that powerful cascade effects arise on the industry structure in equilibrium when the group dependency dominates among consumers.

This column shows that the output costs of changes in maximum loan-to-value ratios are rather small, especially in advanced economies.

Cross-country differences in risk attitudes towards financial investment Maria Ferreira, 20 September Despite a considerable premium on equity compared to risk-free assets, many households do not own any financial investments.Disability Research Center (DRC) Retirement Research Center (RRC) Illinois Workplace Wellness Study.

The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment. James Poterba is President of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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He is also the Mitsui Professor of Economics at M.I.T. NBER Researchers Researchers by NBER Program. METU Economic Research Center. economic research center discussion paper june no. accountants in japan: the relevance of organizational factors to job satisfaction.

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Published discussion papers. Discussion Paper Series The broad objectives of theoretical and empirical research at the Economic Growth Center are to understand the process of economic development and growth as well as the associated changes in economic structure.

The Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) is a network of over researchers who are based mainly in universities throughout Europe and collaborate through CEPR in research and its dissemination.

The Centre disseminates its research in the first instance through the CEPR Discussion Paper Series, in which it publishes almost

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