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The group of ministers was headed by Home Minister L. As far as cable operators are concerned, one of the biggest impediments to such a transition on their part is going to be their mentality. The final component is the terminal device, which too depends on the format.

The proposal was not approved to due to concerns over national security and negative cultural influence. In the channel system, the terminal device is a set-top box installed by the pipe provider.


The third part — the pipe — depends on the format. The service is free and offers only free-to-air channels. The app can then be deployed on these boxes and connected to a server located in their office using either traditional ethernet or fiber.

At present, Android TV boxes are available for as little as Rs 1, Dth industry support for deploying any app. The ministers made four key recommendations to govern DTH services: In the traditional cable TV system, set-top-boxes of cable networks had to be sourced from the pipe provider.

The total number of DTH subscribers in India rose from 1. It is expected that these two key advantages will ensure a victory for app-based format of content consumption, while channel-based consumption will eventually be restricted to news and live sports.

Android TV boxes are available from Rs 1, The biggest practical challenge in deploying such systems so far has been the reluctance of content companies to allow their content to be stored on such servers.

And early indicators point to such an evolution of the Dth industry. Finally, more and more televisions are coming with support for third party apps, which obviates the need for a separate end device totally.

One can watch app-based programs on the go, while it is almost impossible to watch broadcast channels on the go except when they are delivered on app-based platforms. The device can instead be sourced by the customer from the open market according to his or her budget and requirements.

The channel is not dedicated to single genre and instead broadcasts video on demand VODlifestyle and travel content, sports, infotainmentconcerts and Hollywood films.

Direct-to-home television in India

Additionally, they may also offer bouquets, but they will not compel any DTH operator to include the entire bouquet in any package being offered by DTH operators to their subscribers".

By Sreejiraj Eluvangal on T The company decided not to compete against entrenched cable operators in metros and urban areas, and instead focused on providing services to Dth industry areas and regions not serviced by cable television. It should also be remembered that GigaFiber is likely to come Dth industry access to the open Internet and all kinds of apps, though not necessarily via the set-top box.

Companies like Zee and Star feared that storing programs on servers would lead to piracy and leakage. It will be a walled garden, and therefore not necessarily superior to GigaFiber. Hence, they have to increase the share and penetration of fiber in their networks on the one hand, while on the other hand offering smart set-top boxes with support for apps, video-calling and so on.

Jawahar Goel, who led the launch, recalled 10 years later, "We hardly had four transponders and could offer only 48 channels, compared to analog Dth industry that was giving 60 and was much cheaper. Against the cities that Ambani had promised for an eventual scale-up two years ago, the billionaire announced that the service will start off with 1, cities from Day 1.

So, we decided to go slow and concentrate in cable-dry and cable-frustrated markets, rather than cable-rich markets and build the market step by step. They are also more likely to allow recording and playback of their programs now because of technological advances and competition from apps.

For example, DTH provider Airtel Digital has already come out with a box that supports third-party apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, along with the traditional channel format beamed over satellite.

Similarly, there are also a wide range of affordably priced satellite receivers that come with Android TV operating system, as well as support for traditional DTH services such as DD Free Dish.

That is, however, the less likely scenario. TRAI intervened after DTH operators complained that broadcasters were forcing them to carry channels that they did not want. History[ edit ] DTH services were first proposed in India in On one side of the battle was Reliance, which controlled both the pipe as well as the device, and on the other were a host of GSM mobile operators that provided only the pipe, leaving the choice of the device to the customer.

The first programs telecast on the channel were live broadcasts of select matches from the ICC Cricket World Cup. Unlike the channel- or hardware-based format, the app format offers several advantages, the most important of which is ability to watch any program at any time.

Unlike Dish TV, Tata Sky focused on metros and large cities hoping to attract customers away from cable by offering better picture and audio quality and wider selection of channels. A walled garden approach with no Internet access is therefore unlikely to work well.The adverse impact is reflected in the fact that though the industry has burnt $ billion in cash to build infrastructure, most DTH companies are still deep in the red, with accumulated losses of Rs 9, crore and debt of Rs 7, crore.

The Direct-to-home (DTH) industry growth in India has surpassed all expectations by growing at an unprecedented pace, recently.

The market has outpaced the analogue cables market in the country due to a soaring number of televisions in households, introduction of high definition (HD) services and various government interventions.

The statistics presents a forecast on the market share of direct-to-home (DTH) TV in India in The source projects that the market share of DTH on the pay TV market amounted to 39 percent.

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The DTH industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of close to 24%.The future of DTH industry will largely depend on innovative marketing tactics adopted by the DTH players.

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Dth industry
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