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This is because their trend in the debt to asset ratio falls below one. Further, its ratio is near about same in all the years, while for Sainsbury, it varies significantly. Besides, it is an indication that its earnings or revenues are at risk given that it can be used to repay the full loan in case of default Ulwick, In the software market Apple has produced the iLife creativity and multimedia software.

In this case, Sainsbury is highly at risk of going under solvency owing to the observed trend in the interest expense ratio for the last three years. Hence increasing the level or quantity of profits is an indication of increased efficiency for the capital employed.

This is an indication that the liquid cash at the disposal for the company is limited which might be attributed to the low level of collection of receivables. It has also ventured on the film and audio industry, producing the Final Cut Studio Software. This is determined by adding a long term and short-term debt and finally dividing the results by the total assets of the company.

Own Determination from the data given The above diagram shows a graphical presentation of return on equity for Sainsbury and Tesco supermarkets. From the diagram above it is evident that none of the companies was able to achieve a current ratio of 1 for the last three years.

Ultimately, effective investment decisions by Tesco doubled by the huge proceeds from the investments have increased the level of returns within the company. It does this by using the power it already has and its size in the industry to deal with the competition until it gains the market.

The company assumes the consumer shall spend hours searching for the best option according to them. The net margin Source: Own Determination from the data given Quick Ratio Similar to the Current ratio, the quick ratio, which shows the ability of the firm to meet its short-term debts by use of liquid cash without cash, the results from the calculations, does not show much to be desired from the two large scale supermarkets.

Apple mostly centers its approach in making new products that shall enable it generate profit regardless of what the product is.

The company narrows down the clutter to a minimum and assumes that the users do not have the time to wade through the internet searching for endless options.

Comparison between Microsoft and Apple Comparison between Microsoft and Apple Microsoft and Apple are the two biggest companies currently when it comes to computer manufacture and the consumer electronics industry.

Investing funds in Tesco now is risky based on its diminishing trend in the financial ratios however; investors would be advised to hold their shares in the company to prevent selling the shares at a loss.

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For Tesco, this figure is coming out to be almost same for the last three year, whereas, Sainsbury has significantly improved in generation of sales. The diagram below shows the interest coverage ratio for the two large chain supermarkets. Moreover, the financial services offered by the company have had a strong influence on the profitability of the company in the food retail industry.

Sainsbury is safer compared to Tesco which indicates that Tesco has a higher leverage over Sainsbury Bradford, Apple does its selling using a minimalist marketing strategy, design and interfaces. Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order From the above diagram, it is evident that both companies have low level of leverage hence they are financed through equity finance.

In addition, Sainsbury low sales revenue can be linked to poor methods of products promotion, which lead to minimal sales revenues. Own Determination from the data given From the graph above Tesco still shows great ambience in its performance in terms of its profitability compared to Sainsbury.

Conclusion From this discussion, it is evident that Tesco has a more competitive advantage compared to Sainsbury based on its scope of operation, revenues acquired and good ratio outcome. The Microsoft Company is best known for their Operating System, Microsoft windows and the Microsoft office applications.Aug 11,  · Tesco Essay.

Tesco Plc Swot Analysis. Tesco & Oxfam Oxfam The two companies I have chosen is Oxfam and Tesco; Tesco’s is one of the biggest companies in the world and is known very well through out the whole of England. Business Analysis of Tesco; Compare the Methods Used to Distribute Two Selected.

Comparing the two businesses, the shares of the two companies have a fair value with a good and strong yield. There is however, no strong rationality to come out even though there is a good reason to buy in shares from this company while shares in Tesco can be held as opposed to selling the shares.

Compare The Two Companies Tesco Essay  Compare the two companies Tesco's and McDonalds Few brief about those two companies started with Tesco: Tesco (TESCO, Taiwan and Malaysia translated as Tesco, Chinese mainland called Tesco), is the United Kingdom, a large supermarket chain.

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Disclaimer: Ratio analysis also gives a standard to compare two companies. From the ratio of profitability, liquidity and efficiency, the financial performance of each company could be evaluated.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have. Two Contrasting Organizations Tesco And Oxfam Commerce Essay. Print is the biggest super mart in UK which has 29% of shares in market compared to other companies like asda which has 17% shares in market.

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Compare the two companies tesco essay
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