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Keynesian "prime pumping" is no better than an expensive sugar high. Throughout September, Saturday sales fell with only four to five new cars sold each day.

Many people were experiencing housing hardship yet they the government was not giving it full attention as a basic human need. Now I must be honest, "cash for clunkers" was not the sole reason the dealership went out of business.

Whether the program was a net gain for the U. Did this imply that these cars were environmentally friendly and economically efficient? How far will the economic stimulus from the program spread? Compare it to the energy levels of a college student who drinks caffeinated beverages all night cramming for an exam.

Old cars also cause air pollution by making extreme noise. You can reach Ryan Beene at autonews crain. An Economic and Sociologic Analysis on the recommendation of a friend while waiting for cars to be sold.

With the supply of used cars decreasing by about, the price of a used car has since gone up. Neither is the cash for clunkers initiative truly green.

That was the first time the SAAR topped 10 million that year. He writes, "The whole of economics can be reduced to a single lesson, and that lesson can be reduced to a single sentence. The additional funds were exhausted by Aug. I would argue that hundreds of thousands of potential new car buyers actually postponed buying a car within the last year due to economic uncertainty, and some of them ended up buying within the last few weeks due to the CFC program.

On one hand, the price of scrap metal may go down, and the price of used parts may go up. If the government was willing and able to subsidize for new cars, why was it hard for the same to be reflected in other sectors like housing and medical care? The government chose the auto industry as deserving of such a redistribution of resources because it essentially belongs to them now, and it is failing.

At the end of the day we still have increased taxpayer spending to pay for destroying a perfectly good car. The car salesmen increased their commissions. Government is incapable of wealth creation; it only alters consumption and time preference with spending programs financed by squandered funds and directed toward appeasing special interests.

The rest, including the wreckage left by government stimulus efforts such as "cash for clunkers," is history. Although almost no one bothers this, poor cars affect the economy of any nation in many ways.

S program that was aimed at providing incentives to all American residents in order to enable them be in a position to acquire new and better cars at subsidized prices Conner, It should be pointed out that this estimate and following sales estimates are based on memory and not an empirical study.

From what I heard, weekday sales had slowed down significantly. Although Cars for Clunkers received criticism even before its implementation, it is worth noting that a lot was realized after the program was adopted.

As a result, many people viewed it as a better way of boosting the economy especially during this age of global economic recession without affecting the environment.

Demand was so high that the program ran out of money in less than a month.

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Government stimulus spending is often short-lived and inefficient at producing sustainable growth past the next election cycle.

Miller In a desperate attempt to assure Congress, and weary voters, that Keynesian stimulus spending still works, President Obama recently revealed a jobs initiative aimed at jump-starting the economy. It may not be shiny new, but it could continue to serve Jerry and Janny or another family for several more years.

Many Americans owning cars that were a threat to the environment and even to their personal safety were to acquire cars that were more user and environment friendly. The auto-sales-analyst website Edmunds. Some dealers thought credit [worthiness] could be an issue, but customers cashing in on the program seemed to have no trouble finding financing.

Many car dealers including but not limited to Toyota, General Motors, Nissan and Ford recorded increase in sales. With Obama crisscrossing the country trying to convince the public to go along with half a trillion dollars more in new spending, this is a prime opportunity to look back at one stimulus program in particular and the disastrous consequences it brought about.

It was my first exposure to the work of Mises and the Austrian School of economic thought.

'Cash for clunkers opened up the floodgates'

While the failure of "cash for clunkers" has been documentedan outside, macroeconomic view of the program misses the real effect such stimulus efforts have on the lives of individuals.

Similarly, many car dealers and manufacturing companies realized increased sales due to high demand in new cars subsidized by the government. The official total sales that were directly because of the program will be right aroundunits.

Countless Americans wondered how workable the policy was, its economical effect, its lifespan and even its origin.After writing about the so called “Cash for Clunkers” program a few weeks ago when it was announced, I was stunned to find out that there was a contingent of people who were against the program.

Aug 11,  · The government’s Cash for Clunkers program – pitched as a plan to jump-start U.S. auto sales and clean up the environment by getting gas-guzzling vehicles off the road -- may have been a.

So while "cash for clunkers" accelerated consumption in the month of August, it left a gap in demand following the program's demise.

Was Cash for Clunkers a Success?

As one car salesman put it, "cash for clunkers took all the demand that could have been spread out over the fall and moved it.

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Cash for Clunkers was so popular that the original $1 billion allocated to the program run out in only 30 days. Congress budgeted another $2 billion, which ran out on August 24th,marking the end of federal vehicle cash for old cars government program.

According to a new paper by Ted Gayer and Emily Parker, the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or "cash for clunkers" program, launched during the height of the recession with the intention of.

Cash for clunkers essay
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