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The money used for this is discretionary money and not everyone can afford a cost of thousand dollars for just a couple of days. With the implementation of the CRM strategy, the linkage of these departments could develop the relational databases from one source. In an attempt to thwart emerging competitors and cope with a down economy and substitutes, The Company must do whatever it can to maintain customer loyalty as well as appeal to a new demographic of potential clients.

What impact would you anticipate these systems to have on the Canyon Ranch strategy and capabilities?

Canyon Ranch

Customers maintain control over the decision to interact, the timing of the interaction, the channel to be used, and the data generated. Its astonishing array of services made available under a single roof and its Health and Healing department set it apart from most competitors.

In addition this would be a primary disadvantage if customers purchased products for different reasons. They can be used to support tactical and operational management.

Due to the turnover in that position and the need of them to have information immediately and knowledge of how to use the IT is something of a cost to the company.

The second step that Canyon Ranch needs to take to leverage its uniqueness is to recruit its best customers as champions of the resort. In doing so, the discounts and perks that are offered can be custom tailored to each individual customer and their respective tastes. Knowing their customers better and tracking what their preferences are, is key to being able to attract them back to the resort.

It had both breadth and depth of offerings, and integrated portfolio of treatments from traditional spa and fitness to health and healing services. The IT is decentralized and the resorts and spas are working independently. By increasing the overall experience for the customer, value is created for the customer.

Are we capable of knowing all there is about our customers? In order to maintain their position as an industry leader, Canyon Ranch must take on new initiatives aimed at creating value to their existing and potential customer base.

Traditionally, the industry had been a high-touch, people intensive business. All of these benefits are possible with a good CRM system. In addition to this, the Guestware system does not aide in transmitting the information it gathers to the various levels of management throughout The Company.

Essay Example: Essay: Canyon Ranch Case Study

This will create big synergies with the MIS and DSS systems because these systems can be fed by intelligent techniques.

Buy-in will be required from the employees and even the customers to the extent that they are affected if Web-based questionnaires, reservations, payment options, etc.Free Essay: 1.

Should Canyon Ranch engage in a personalization and CRM strategy? Why? Canyon Ranch should engage in a personalization and CRM strategy. Case Study 7: Canyon Ranch Written for: Professor Efrem Mallach MIS Authored by Group 2: December 9, Case Description Background Canyon Ranch was the undisputed leader in the luxury segment of the spa industry.

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Essay Example: Canyon Ranch Case Study- Essay

Only at". Canyon Ranch is a Health Resort and Spa that has been around since It was built on an idea of bringing medicine and relaxation together in one place for a vacation.

What has emerged is the Canyon Ranch model of optimal wellness that helps people make a long-lasting personal and emotional connection to wellness. This model uses an integrated, individualized approach to wellness and teaches self-responsibility as.

Canyon Ranch Case Study Essay Canyon Ranch: A Case Analysis Introduction Recreation is an important need of most individuals at present.

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With all the pressure acquired from work, a way to relax and relieve the stress is indeed necessary.

Canyon ranch essay
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