Caesar act ii study guide questions

An anachronism is when an author unknowingly or purposefully inserts something from a different period of time into his or her writing.

Why do you think Shakespeare might have used this anachronism? See if you can find it. For this moment, Brutus the idealist becomes Brutus the murderer. How does Decius plan to get Caesar to come to the Capitol? So, Brutus, an honorable man? He leaves Calpurnia and accompanies Decius to the Capitol.

Why do the men want Cicero on their side at first? Is Brutus An Honorable Man What is your reaction to this act?

He orders Pindarus to hold his sword while he impales his chest on the blade. Act 2 1 How does Portia prove she is worthy to hear the plans of her husband, Brutus? Cassius retires for the evening and Brutus calls two of his servants, Claudio and Varro, to stay with him through the night.

Julius Caesar ACT II Study Guide Questions

After weighing the facts, a person has to Brutus is not an honorable man. Her show of bravery and self-control convinces Brutus she is "stronger than her sex" 2. Stunned that Brutus is among his assassins, Caesar cries out, "and you too, Brutus?

Brutus explains that he has not been able to sleep. Why does Brutus insist that the men do not need an oath? What changes his mind?

Act 5 1 Cassius asks Brutus what he plans to do if they should lose the battle. What does Portia do to prove her strength to Brutus? Brutus was a very selfish and Cassius presents his best argument to convince Brutus, his close friend and brother-in-law, to conspire with him to assassinate Caesar.

Why do they change their minds?This is the answer key to accompany the student worksheet Julius Caesar Act II Study Guide. Mr. Ruffino’s Study Guide for. William Shakespeare’s.

English Julius Caesar Act I Study Questions.

Directions – Respond in complete sentences to the assigned questions on your own paper. Julius Caesar Act II Study Questions. Julius Caesar Act I Study Questions. Julius Caesar study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major.

28 Caesar Multiple Choice Study Questions Page 3 Act II 9. To what decision does Brutus come in his orchard?

Why? A. He decides to stay loyal to Caesar and to warn him of the conspirators' plot.

Julius Caesar: Study Questions with Answers Act 1 1) Why are the tribunes Flavius and Marullus so upset at the opening of the play? The tribunes are angry that the working class citizens of Rome gather to celebrate Caesar’s victory, while forgetting Pompey, the Roman hero (and a part of the First Triumvirate that ruled Rome) who was killed in battle alongside Caesar.

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Caesar act ii study guide questions
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