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This is an extra feature that is not present in all bacteria, it is created by the bacterium when the external conditions are not favourable. They catalyse chemical reactions in living cells such. These are parasites, they cause diseases to plants and animals.

They are able to grow tall mushrooms of toadstools so the spores could be widely dispersed by wind or insects, thus they reproduce quickly. Fungi use a process called saprotrophic nutrition to feed its self.

Enzymes are biological catalysts — protein molecules that speed up chemical reactions. Enzymes and pH Different enzymes work best at different pH values, their optimum pH. Various school boards in India have been sending out notices to schools in their state to strictly follow NCERT books.

Biology GCSE Revision

Monocots have flowers with Biology revision worksheet of parts divisible by three three petals — six leaves etc. They grow long mycelium of hyphae on whatever they feed on, these secret enzymes which digests what the fungi feeds on.

Bacteria have managed to adapt its self in order to survive in various conditions. They form a network which grows Biology revision worksheet or through the food materials, they are called mycelium.

Bacteria also reproduce extremely quickly by binary fission producing numerous offspring in a short time. In the center there is a vacuole, and the hyphae is surrounded by a hyphae wall which is sometimes made of chitin. Thousands of respondents along with teachers submitted their responses on the MHRD website on their opinion about the syllabus for various classes and what all topics to Just as a lock will only accept one key, an enzyme will only accept one substrate.

Enzymes and Temperature At low temperatures, enzyme reactions are slow. Enzyme-catalysed reactions Enzymes work best at particular temperatures and pH values. This is an extra feature that is not present in all bacteria, it helps in moving and swimming.

The main difference between them and other organisms is they feed using photosynthesis, which is a process which involves making sugars out of water and carbon dioxide using the sunlight energy.

Making the solution more acidic or alkaline will slow the reaction down. Plant cells contain a large vacuole, a nucleus, chloroplasts and a cell wall made of cellulose, cell walls are not present in animal cells.

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The active site has to be the right shape for the substrate molecules to fit into. It can only be seen by a microscope Structure of bacteria: Long ago, fungi were classified as plants, but in details, fungi are actually different to plants, firstly, they do not contain chloroplasts and they do not undergo photosynthesis.

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It protects the bacterium from bursting when too much water is present and gives it its shape. Secondly, Their cell walls hyphae walls are made of chitin not cellulose as in plants.

The Plants Kingdom contains several different phyla, but we will discuss only one of them, which is flowering plants or Angiosperms. Students have to go through a lot in order to complete their education with top ranking.

Plants are multicellular organisms. This means that enzymes have a high specificity for their substrate — a particular type of enzyme will only work with one or a smaller number of substrates. Some bacteria respire aerobically while others respire anaerobically.

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They are very small and measured in nm nanometersthey could only be seen through an electronic microscope. Many enzymes work fastest in neutral conditions. A virus sticks its self to a cell and injects the genetic material into the it The virus reproduces more of its self by replication The virus keeps on replicating until the cell bursts The new viruses go out and kill other cells Kingdom Bacteria: After this point the reaction will slow down and eventually stop.

The process of preparing for an exam requires a rigorous amount of practice, concept-building, problem solving and error Large numbers of hyphae grow together through whatever the fungus is feeding on making a branching network called mycelium. Some bacteria has a flagellum which is very useful for movement and swimming.Jan 07,  · Biology Chapter 6 Worksheet Answers Key specifically for ocr exam board.

use for individual or class revision. New aqa as biology end of chapter 3 test by. The Abnormal Biology of A Baby Joseph was an unhappy baby.

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GRADE 8 BIOLOGY REVISION WORKSHEET a) Name the following: i) The process by which raisins swell up when placed in a beaker of water. Biology Revision 1. The diagram shows some of the structures in the thorax. Exhaled air 16% % (i) Explain why exhaled air contains less oxygen than inhaled air.

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Biology revision worksheet
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