Analysis of macro and micro environments of the events industry and corporate hospitality

Legal changes that resulted from the rise of uber has seen the value of taxi plates decline significantly in some countries. Excellence in quality and service Integrity, both personal and professional Honesty and truthfulness.

First, however, we need to identify the main elements of the macro-environment, using the well known PEST Analysis technique. The macro economic environment analysis will identify trends such as changes in personal disposable income, interest rates, inflation, exchange rates and unemployment rates.

It also engages the media concerning the hotels worldwide, e. Knowing what these factors are is important for those working in this capacity because it provides them with an opportunity for contingency planning. Segmentation can also pertain to buying habits, lifestyle choices and hobbies.

Macro Environment Analysis

Hilton offers a loyalty programme; visitors can earn points which are redeemed and rewards are given e. This trend should result in an increase in the total number of caravans sold — so if you are in the caravan industry based on this one trend you should expect to see growth in the total size of your industry.

Macro & Micro Marketing Planning & Strategies

Airlines have no control over these changes and many have suffered economically. Hilton buys goods from physical distribution firms, moving stock to points of origin and destination.

External factors such as the economic situation facing the nation or the world are among the factors that those working within the industry can have no control over. Even though the variables cannot be controlled, their effects can be mitigated somewhat with careful planning and anticipation.

Who the customers are B2B or B2C, local or international, etc. To achieve this vision, Best Western International has adopted the following core values: Hilton have hotels across 78 countries and businessmen are regular users thus, their Wi-Fi is increasingly reliant on.

This is another term for the factors which affect the organization and its market. Any actions of your company must be considered from the angle of the general public and how they are affected.

This, and the saving of a quarter-billion dollars means that they are currently popular among the press, improving their reputation further. For example the increase in retired persons should result in the caravan industry growing in size, however a drop in share values will see retired people with less disposable income.

Global travel is incredibly popular so Hilton offer a loyalty programme; visitors can earn points and receive rewards, e. How to do a Macro Environment Analysis A macro environmental analysis can be completed by yourself or in a brainstorming session, however you will need to do some research before starting your analysis.

The goal is to assess the buying trends, customer behavior patterns and regulatory environment. Macro Environment Factors Demographic forces: Suppliers can control the success of the business when they hold the power. However, the business environment also includes the macro-environment; this comprises wider, more remote factors which have great influence, but over which the organization has no control and practically little or no influence.

Macromarketing strategies are concerned with how the product benefits society as a whole or fulfills a need in society.What is a 'Macro Environment' A macro environment is the condition that exists in the economy as a whole, rather than in a particular sector or region.

In general, the macro environment includes. Oct 20,  · This is a summary of our group’s discussion on the macro enviromental factors facing the hospitality industry.

Social: Travel & tourism industry represents one of the key sectors in the national economy, with a “total contribution to GDP in the UK was GBP billion in or % of total GDP”. Analysis of Macro and Micro Environments of the Events Industry and Corporate Hospitality PAGES 6.

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Macro Environment

More essays like this: micro environments, events industry, corporate hospitality. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. "Macro And Micro Environmental Factors Which Influence Hospitality Industry" Essays and Research Papers Macro And Micro Environmental Factors Which Influence Hospitality Industry Macro and micro environments both fall into the categories of environmental scanning.

Oct 07,  · The regulatory environment in the hospitality industry can change from time to time and this can have an effect on the way that hotels, airlines and restaurants all go about conducting business. For instance, a change in the tax laws that raise the price of gas will affect tourism and costs for the hospitality industry as well.

The macro-environment of business travel and tourism. the micro-environment – are ‘close’ to the organization, physically and/or organizationally speaking, such as suppliers and intermediaries. These factors can be influenced or even controlled by the organization. Hence a convention centre in Athens will be affected by events in.

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Analysis of macro and micro environments of the events industry and corporate hospitality
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